About Grantham Rotary

Breakfast, Lunchtime or Evening?   We have a Rotary Club for you…

Grantham Sunrise Rotary

The Farrier. Harlaxton Road. Grantham. NG31 7JT

Alternate Thursdays, 7.15 am

Contact: Secretary Kevin Hale

E/mail:  secretary@granthamsunriserotary.org

Website: https://granthamsunriserotary.org

Facebook: #granthamsunriserotary/

Rotary Club of Grantham

Belton Park Golf Club. Londonthorpe Ln, Grantham NG31 9SH

Every Monday, 12.50 pm

Contact: Karen Cauldwell

E/mail:   secretary@granthamrotary.org

Website: granthamrotary.org

Rotary Club of Grantham Kesteven

Masonic Hall 4 Chambers Street, Grantham. NG31 8BL

Every Wednesday, 7.30 pm

Contact: Mary McKinley

E/mail: secretary@granthamkestevenrotary.org

Website: search for ‘Rotary Grantham Kesteven’

Rotary is strictly non-political and non-denominational.

Each of these Rotary Clubs welcome men and women of all ages and backgrounds to join them for fun, fellowship and above all, working to make a difference for those who need help.

Daffodil planting. These are just a few of the projects and fundraising events that Rotary in Grantham organise for our community and for communities around the world.

Rotary can provide the opportunity for you to do so many things. Help organise events, support Local Charities, develop School Links and make a world of difference… … but above all – HAVE FUN while you do it!