Investing in the future of Rotary by supporting young Rotarian to attend the Rotaract GBI Conference

We are pleased to support Rotarian Chloe Rollings to attend the Rotaract GBI National Conference in Newcastle this April

Chloe’s Rotary Journey

Chloe’s first introduction to Rotary was in 2021, when she took part in the Rotary Youth Leadership Award programme held at Grafham Water. Following the programme, Chloe was invited to attend a Rotary Club of Grantham meeting to talk about her experience. She then joined the club who sponsored her and became a Rotarian. Since then, Chloe has always been passionate about helping more young people to get involved in Rotary activity. As part of this, she is keen to create a Rotaract club in Grantham.

Creating a Rotaract Club in Grantham

To help establish an active and impactful Rotaract club in Grantham, Chloe has sought opportunities to learn from other local Rotaract Clubs including Market Harborough, who she visited in 2022. Earlier this year, Chloe connected with Arianna Castro and Chris Wells who kindly invited Chloe to join Rotaract Tyneside where she could learn more about Rotaract, connect with other Rotaractors and take part in volunteering and ‘Dogoodery’ as part of the Rotaract community. They also invited Chloe to join in support with planning the Rotaract Conference.


Supporting Chloe to attend the Rotaract GBI Conference

Chloe was keen to attend the conference in person and so at one of March’s club meetings, she asked Grantham Sunrise Rotary to support her to attend by covering the cost of the travel and hotel. After a very short discussion, the club unanimously agreed that sponsoring Chloe to attend would be a brilliant investment in a fellow Rotarian, a potential Rotaract Club and the future of Rotary. They were pleased to cover Chloe’s expenses which totalled approximately £300.00.


Chloe will be attending the conference from Friday 12 April – Sunday 14 April. We look forward to hearing about her experience and the learnings she gained upon her return.

You can find out more about Grantham Sunrise Rotary projects and activities on our blog page.